“Sims 4” psychic pursuit combination has been launched. Steam is selling for 68 yuan

At present, the "supernatural pursuit combination bag" of "Sims 4" has landed on steam platform. The national price is 68 yuan. Players can experience a special life with supernatural style through this combination bag.

Screenshot of steam mall page:

Related introduction:

Start with “the sims4 psychic Pursuit Group” *, light the candle, prepare the ceremony, and appease your ghostly new roommate! The spirit guests will play pranks and make trouble in the ghost house area, but the simulated citizens can carry out the ceremony of spirit subduing, make friends with the ghost godry, become the spirit investigators, and restore order.

Meet ghostly roommates – if your new home is in a brand new haunted area, there are probably other people living here too! Pacify the naughty ghosts for a little peace and relaxation, or allow them to make trouble every day and night.

Purify your home – if you want your new roommate to pack up and go, ghost godry will be happy to give you advice. Remove the cursed objects, perform the ritual of spiritual absorption, talk with the dead, and receive the ghost gifts from the dead! You can even summon bonhilda, the skeleton maid.

Soothe the ghost – proficient in psychic skills, obtain the license of psychic investigator, let guidery look at it with new eyes! If you’re ready, you can take on some freelance jobs and expel uninvited guests for other mock citizens. Haunted incidents happen one after another, and only your Sims can stop them.

The “supernatural pursuit combination package” of SIMS 4 has been launched on the steam platform. The national price is 68 yuan. Interested players can click here to get the steam mall link.