Simulation construction game “doomsday zone: isolation from the world” is officially available in steam

The simulation construction game "doomsday zone: isolated from the world" is officially on sale today on steam and Gog platforms, with a special offer of 52 yuan (original price of 80 yuan) for steam national region, supporting simplified Chinese. This work was first launched in steam in April 2020 and won "special praise" from players.

“Doomsday zone: isolated” is a simulation game of survival city construction at the end of the century. The story of the game describes that in 2021, terrorists bombed nuclear power plants all over the world, making the world into a nuclear disaster chaos. Only a few people escaped to the underground facilities called “terminal zone”. In 150 years, the players will lead other survivors back to the ground, and in the radioactive, polluted rain and polar zone In this climate, he led the masses to build a new home and try to survive.

Simulation construction game

In the game, each surface unit will have its own radiation value, humidity and other conditions, players must take into account. Players can also take the opportunity to send the expedition team to the forgotten place to explore. Such a decision may change the fate of the whole mankind.

Simulation construction game

“Terminal: isolated” launched a preemptive experience on steam platform in April last year. Now it is officially launched. The R & D team said that in the past year, they have carried out two major updates, 20 patches, and developed 100 new features and new objects. Thanks to the enthusiastic participation of the players, doomsday zone: isolated continues to flourish. All players have spent a long time playing so far After more than 3.5 million hours.

According to the R & D team, the official version has added intruders from five different tribes, a number of new buildings such as watchtowers, sentry towers and roadblocks, as well as elements such as new resources for making bullets.