“Simulation master” will be landing on the host platform. Your master will always be your master

Today (March 15) Publisher curve digital announced that "just die"

Already will not only land on PC (steam and epic) platforms, but also on PS4, Xbox one and switch platforms. The specific release date of the game has not been announced.

Steam store address: Click to enter

“Big man” was created by the production team of “goat Simulator” and “human fall”

Flat) Publisher launched a nonsense sand box game for the elderly.

In the near future, people will no longer have children, and you are a retired old man. The ungrateful houlang would rather play video games than go to work, so no one would pay for their pension. Because there’s no one to pay for your living, you’re like the rest of the old people in the world – there’s no other choice but to survive on your own. What’s worse, you’ve been evicted from a nursing home, and your only option now is to perform dangerous challenge shows and search the world for retirement vouchers to qualify for free retirement care. Your character is an old man. You’re grumpy, old, frail, grumbling about the world: it’s not until now that you realize you have a dream. Finally, you find that you have something in common with your grandparents.

It’s fun to find that your body is old and fragile. Anything can break you, and you can break any part of your body. Can’t you ever challenge the enemy with a catapult? Or if you fall off your head and hit someone with it, can you survive?

Game screenshot: