Six things to remember on the first day after the holiday

The beautiful Spring Festival holiday is over in a flash. Tomorrow is the first day after the festival. Many people may have to rework the field. However, the epidemic has not been completely over, so what should be noticed? Here is a small compilation to you to summarize, these six things need to remember, quickly collect.

01. Drive and stop at the end of the line. Don’t remember it wrong

Six things to remember on the first day after the holiday

Friends with cars should pay attention to. If you want to drive, you should pay attention to the cities specified by the limited line in time. If there is any conflict, change the travel schedule and make a good plan. For example, in Beijing, the end of the 18th is limited to 1 and 6.

02. The temperature varies greatly in different places, especially day and night, pay attention to increasing and decreasing clothes

This winter is very warm, but according to the experience of previous years, it is possible to return to spring. This is to remind all major netizens to take necessary clothes to travel, especially in some areas, in early spring, the temperature difference between day and night is large to prevent cold and cold, which causes unnecessary troubles during epidemic control.

03. Timely make an appointment for new crown vaccine

Many regions can already start to make an appointment for a new crown vaccine, but the main need is that the vaccine needs to be vaccinated twice, and the second one can be vaccinated 14 days later. If the first dose is vaccinated before the festival, the second dose should be arranged as soon as possible after the holiday. If individual adverse reactions are found after vaccination, they should go to the local medical department in time for medical treatment.

04. Protection cannot stop. Wear masks for travel

Although the current situation in China has improved greatly, we can not relax our vigilance before we completely control the epidemic, and prepare the necessary products for epidemic prevention and control in advance, such as alcohol, disinfection wipes, masks, etc. To travel, wear masks, avoid places with more people, wash hands frequently, exercise frequently, and enhance their immunity.

05. Understand the prevention and control measures of epidemic situation in different regions in advance

Consciously abide by the requirements of local prevention and control, especially for the field workers, some areas need to hold the nucleic acid recessive detection certificate to return to the destination, such as high-risk areas in China, if isolation is required, the isolation regulations shall be consciously observed.

06. Schools in some areas are delayed to start school, and parents pay attention to them in time

Although the epidemic has improved greatly, some universities in some areas have delayed the opening of school. For example, many universities, such as Beijing Normal University, Beijing Jiaotong University and Beijing University of post and telecommunications, have delayed returning to school, and take online classes first. If there is a cross provincial return home, the primary and secondary school students should pay attention to the regulations on returning to school, such as early reporting, health monitoring, etc., parents must pay attention to it in time.