Solnik’s voice over for game and film shows willingness to take over

Sonik, the blue hedgehog, has been living as a mascot like Mario in Nintendo since its birth. Since sonik's conversion to a 3D character, many dubbing actors have contributed to the character. At the end of last month, there was news that Sonny's English voice Roger

Craig Smith will be dismissed from the role. It’s not known who will take over the role, and Ben Schwartz, the soundtrack actor for the movie version of the hedgehog Sonique, has no chance for the moment.

Solnik's voice over for game and film shows willingness to take over

After the design of “sonik” was severely criticized by players, the film was successfully released on February 14, 2020, and won 319million box office at a cost of $85million. Such success also put the project on the agenda for Sonique 2, a hedgehog, and is scheduled to be released in April 2022.

In an interview released yesterday, Schwartz said he had never considered dubbing sonnick in the game because he didn’t expect Smith to decide to quit. Although Schwartz said he liked the world and fans of “sonik the hedgehog,” no one ever talked to me about this issue. “.

That is, Schwartz expressed his intention to be part of the role’s heritage, and he didn’t know what the new game project was planned for. He praised Smith’s “incredible” career as a talented voice actor. But he also mentioned Ryan, another actor

Drummond。 The latter voiced Sonique in the era of “sonnick adventure” and recently expressed interest in returning. The dub actor JALEEL of the 1990s’ Adventures of Sonny Hedgehog

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