Sonic hedgehog joined in the production of the third movie

The third film in the act Ventura series, starring Kim Kary, is being produced, with screenplay from the 2020 movie "hedgehog sonik.".

Morgan, the company that made the first Shenzhou aircraft head movie

Sonic hedgehog joined in the production of the third movie

“We are excited about the development of the Shenzhou aircraft head and Exorcist series, and from the chat of 3million fans on the official Facebook page of shenprobe aircraft head, viewers strongly demand the third one,” krek said. During the COVID-19, the audience was very excited that their favorite characters returned with new stories. With the screenwriter of “sonik hedgehog,” the probe aircraft head will usher in a new day in Amazon as an important work. “

The screenwriters pat Casey and Josh Miller, who have worked with Kim Kerry, played Dr. Robotnik in the hedgehog sonik.

“Shenshen aircraft head” (Taiwan translation: Wang Weilong) is an American comedy film which began to show in 1994. Directed by Tom shadiac, the leading role is Kim Kerry, and other major actors include Courtney Cox, Xin Yang, tonlock, Dan Marino, etc.

The Shenzhou aircraft head has made a great success at the box office. The $12 million film has a worldwide box office revenue of $107million. Then there were animated series with the same name broadcast from 1995 to 1997 and a sequel “Shenshen aircraft head 2”. The film still has a large number of fanatical fans and derivative culture.