Sony will strongly support black groups in the game industry to lead to lasting change

Sony mutual entertainment recently announced on its official blog that it has established a strategic partnership with four new black game organizations in the United States, aiming to provide more opportunities for the black community supporting the game technology industry.

Sony mutual entertainment revealed on its blog that it will cooperate with four new black organizations, namely “black girls code”, “the hidden genius project”, “gameheads” and “black in gaming”, which is also part of Sony’s commitment to “long-term change to achieve social justice and goals”, such as racial equality.

Sony will strongly support black groups in the game industry to lead to lasting change

“In addition to supporting these four organizations, soci will continue to participate in and support the black community through our network of black employees,” Sony said. Black community is a community that empowers employees and embraces diversity in an inclusive work environment. Our goal is to work with these partners to bring about lasting change by improving access to the technology and gaming industries and building a better structure to listen to the black voice. “

Sony also plans to invest $1 million in organizations dedicated to social justice, education and economic empowerment to address racial inequality in these industries. Sony will announce more strategic partnerships in the future.

The above four black organizations jointly said: “in 2020, we have set a goal of a game ecosystem to increase the number of black game developers and professionals from 2 to 5 in just five years. We believe that this representative strategic change will have a positive impact on game companies and products. We are very proud to have the support of Sony mutual entertainment to fulfill our mission. “