“Soul service: Xiao” new defense breaking mechanism shows that video fighting will be more intense

The battle game "Wai Hun: Xiao" will be updated on March 16. The new character "chamcham" will be officially launched. In addition, it will add a new "breaking defense" system unprecedented in "waihun: Xiao", and adjust and improve the game balance in detail.

Video of “breaking prevention” system:

According to the official video released today by SNK, we should be able to understand the general mechanism of the “breaking defense” system. The character will accumulate the damage value (the data is hidden value) when any attack is continuously defended. When the damage value reaches a certain level, the character body will appear very obvious red light. At this time, the opponent can hit the defense to cause hard straightness. And this hard straight time is enough to let the opponent release the required kill skill.

The breaking defense mechanism is very common in the fighting game, but the “soul service” series always pays attention to defense. The new mechanism will bring more intense competition for the game.