“Spacefighter: Apocalypse of the universe” is on sale today

Shiya Co., Ltd. announced that on March 18, 2021 (IV), it has launched the switch game "spacefighter: Apocalypse of the universe" (Development: Taito) in Asia


This work “spacefighter: Apocalypse of the universe” contains two works, namely “spacefighter g” with 3D images and “spacefighter: Operation thunder”

New elements have been added to each of the two works, namely “spacefighter GHD” and “spacefighter: another chronicle of mine operation ex”.

■ space fighter g HD

Completely transplant arcade version of “spacefighter g”, and upgrade to high resolution (hd)!

In addition to the original resolution to play the 1997 launch of the “air fighter g”, also added a high resolution HD mode! The “sense of delay” which is very important when playing this game is also reproduced. At the same time, it can also display all kinds of “auxiliary accessories” that are useful in strategy games. In addition, the capture system, which is the most characteristic in this work, is added with “capture”

“Gallery” as an in-depth study element for players to collect and appreciate.

■ space fighter: another era of mine operation

“Spacefighter: another era of operation thunder” with new elements is the first replanted version of the series to add activity mode to the home version of the game!

The 2010 launch of “space fighter: another era of mine operation” and the upgraded version of “ex” are completely transplanted. For the first time, 13 levels of “activity mode” launched by the arcade version in that year are included.

At the same time, it also added 8 new activity levels using the composer zuntata’s 6 new music.

The new add-on “Congyun”, which can’t be used in the arcade version, will also appear in the game and be open to use in all levels!

“Spacefighter g HD” and “spacefighter: another era of mine operation ex” can also be purchased individually through digital download!

Individual purchase of “spacefighter g HD” and “spacefighter: Operation thunder” can be made in Nintendo eshop and Playstation store by digital download

Another chronicle.

[about space fighter]

Launched on the arcade platform in 1986, spacefighter is a horizontal scroll shooting game. The frame of the large-scale machine with three large screens connected together, and the sound system with the subwoofer built in the seat, etc. were talked about by people with revolutionary structural design at that time. The boss characters in the game are designed with coelacanth, sperm whale and other aquatic creatures as images, which can be said to be the most famous feature of space fighters, and still have a wide popularity today.