Spiderman won’t be in Marvel Avengers until this summer

Marvel Avengers is developing spider man, the previously promised exclusive hero of Playstation, but it won't come until the summer of 2021.

Recently, crystal power released the updated roadmap of Marvel Avengers in 2021, which does not mention spider man. In an interview with IGN, studio leader Scott

Spiderman won't be in Marvel Avengers until this summer

Amos was asked when players would be able to see spider man in Marvel Avengers. He replied, “I can officially tell you that we are developing it, so it is still in our roadmap for the future.”

Spiderman won't be in Marvel Avengers until this summer

The following roadmap shows a lot of new content, from this month to “summer and beyond”. At the end of the roadmap is “battle of vakanda DLC” and joining panther. Amos clearly confirms that Spiderman will not come before panther.

This roadmap doesn’t include all the work in development, but Amos says it represents what the studio can do in the near future, “but someone is developing it. We’re still looking forward to Spiderman coming to the Playstation host. ” Amos, however, did not give a specific timetable.

Spiderman in Marvel Avengers was first announced in August 2020, and his monopoly caused a lot of controversy at that time. Since its release, marvel Avengers has been criticized for its lack of meaningful new content, and the lack of new playable heroes is one of the main complaints.