Star Wars: squadron will join EA play in March

EA announced recently that Star Wars: Squadron of fighters and Madden NFL 21 will join EA play in March, and NHL 21 will join EA play in April.

Star Wars: Squadron, Madden NFL 21 will land on March 2 on all platforms supporting EA play. If you’re the ultimate game of XBOX

Star Wars: squadron will join EA play in March

Pass, then you will have all the features of EA play on the Xbox Console. Currently, PC gamepass users do not support EA play, and it is expected to open support at some time this year.

Star Wars: squadron was released on October 2 last year, and steam recently commented “mixed praise and criticism”.

Introduction to the game:

Experience the real-life flight experience in Star Wars: Squadron of fighters and control the fighting art of starfighters. Fasten your seatbelt, join the exciting Star Wars story, and work with your squadron to experience the intense first person multi person space meddling.

The pilots will enter the starfighter cockpit of the New Republic and the Empire fleet and carry out a strategic 5v5 space war. Refit your starfighter, adjust your squadron members to adapt to different game styles and destroy your opponent at one stroke. The pilot will win and accomplish tactical goals in the famous battlefields in the story, which have never been seen before, including the gas giant planets of the Yavin master star and the shattered moon in galitan.

Control starfighters, such as X-Wing and TIE fighters, etc. Customize equipment and decorations. Transfer energy between weapons, shields and engines while immersing in cockpit to enjoy fighting. In addition, players can choose to experience the whole game in the way of virtual reality (VR)!

From the perspective of a pilot, you can experience the thrilling single story after Star Wars: return of Jedi. Experience two factions from an alternate perspective, and the iconic leaders and emerging leaders of both sides have been fighting in the galaxy. The New Republic fought for freedom. And the Empire must maintain order. We need you to be the elite trump of the galaxy.

All aircraft reports – arrange small-scale combat with your squadron in the briefing room before heading to the evolving battlefields in the galaxy. Join the fierce 5v5 space mix, or work with your squadron to reverse the situation in a massive fleet war. Working together, you are all the elite trumps in the galaxy.

Control legendary starfighters – control starfighters of all levels in the New Republic and Empire fleet, including flexible A-Wing and destructive tie bombers. Refit your vessel, transfer energy between its systems, and destroy your opponent in a strategic space mix.

Realize your star wars pilot dream – cockpit is your home. Using its dashboard to give your advantage – you’re in a tight, dangerous space, separated by a thin layer of metal and glass casings – the first person perspective is springing up on the screen. Experience the thrilling multiplayer game model, as well as the unique Star Wars single story, which covers the key stories at the end of the Galactic Civil War. Through VR, we can play Star Wars: Squadron of fighter planes, and immerse themselves in the cockpit of pilots.

Mission completion – Star Wars: Squadron offers a complete game experience from the first day of sale, and you can win various rewards through the game. Upgrade rankings and unlock new components such as weapons, hull, engines, shields and decorations that help keep the game fresh and attractive.