Starbreeze’s financial situation improved significantly and harvest day 3 developed smoothly

Two years ago, starbreeze was in serious financial trouble. As the sales volume of "super kill: the walking dead" was seriously lower than expected, starbreeze had to be rebuilt, and CEO Bo

Andersson resigned, the company’s liquidity shortage, developed a long-term fiscal recovery plan.

Starbreeze's financial situation improved significantly and harvest day 3 developed smoothly

Now, starbreeze is in better shape. In the company’s latest quarterly results, acting CEO Tobias

Sjgren introduced that harvest day 2 has been operating successfully. Based on this, the company has optimized and improved its business development, marketing and the development of harvest day 3. Now starbreeze has entered a benign growth state.

“Our” harvest day “brand and” service-oriented game model “have demonstrated their real strength through the successful sale of several new contents of” harvest day 2 “throughout the year. At the end of December, harvest day 2 community became the largest player community on steam platform, with 7.1 million members. Last year, we made two rounds of financing, paid off most of our debts and consolidated our financial position, which ensured that we would continue to successfully develop harvest day 3 in 2021. All these are the key to bringing starbreeze back to the leading position in the industry. “

“In the last quarter, I implemented some reform measures to strengthen our company’s marketing and business development work, and continue to recruit the best developers for the studio, so as to create the best conditions for the company’s forward journey as far as possible.”

Sjgren explained that starbreeze has built a platform for the subsequent successful development of harvest day 3. In addition, the company itself has taken further measures for the ongoing financial recovery.

“By proving the strength of the harvest day brand and the highly focused development team, we have built a stable platform to support the team’s subsequent successful development of harvest day 3. We are very confident in completing the distribution agreement of our partners, and we are very enthusiastic about the service-oriented game mode of starbreeze. We are always ready for the successful release of harvest day 3. “

“We also successfully settled the compensation of our suppliers in the last quarter, which is a key milestone in the reconstruction plan and is very important for our efforts as a company to strengthen our financial position.”

“Starbreeze has become a more powerful company than it was a year ago. We are very confident, eager to revenge, eager to focus on working together to develop our “harvest day” brand. With the improvement of development capability and the strong demand for harvest day content, we will still occupy a major position in the future growth. I’m looking forward to continuing to work hard for starbreeze and the opportunities ahead of us. “

Harvest day 3 is determined to be developed with the unreal engine, which is tentatively scheduled for sale in the fiscal year 2022-2023 (from April 2022 to March 2023).