“Stars” new DLC “Nemesis” steam open pre order national area 70 yuan

"Stars" new DLC "stars: Revenge

“Nemesis” is now open for pre purchase in steam, with a national price of 70 yuan and support for simplified Chinese. The DLC needs to have the basic game “stars” to play.

About this

“Nemesis” is “stars” expansion package, players will be able to determine the future fate of the turbulent galaxy. Add espionage tools. As Xinghai supervisors confront the final threat, it will become a powerful means of operation, or use the “threat” option to make themselves the final threat. “Nemesis” provides “stars” the strongest and powerful weapon.

Finally, you have to choose between chaos and stability to take over the galaxy, which is in crisis. Will you find a way to gain power through diplomacy or tricks, or will you sit and watch the stars disappear one by one

The “Nemesis” expansion pack includes:

Incarnation disaster: you are the disaster that will affect the whole galaxy, threatening whether the galaxy can survive. With the growing power of your empire, you will unlock the powerful bonus and break the desperate deadlock of Galaxy according to your own wishes. If the survivors of the galaxy fail to stop your invasion in time, you can release enough power to destroy all things in the world!

Xinghai Supervisor: you can launch a campaign against the galaxy community, claim to be a supervisor, and obtain rescue forces to fight against disasters. Use the power of all the people to save the galaxy from the brink of destruction and rebuild order. After eliminating the crisis, you can choose to return the power

Or keep them to form a new Galactic Empire.

Spy: knowledge is power, use new tools to explore enemy (or friend)

I’ve got a lot of information. They set up envoys at the enemy’s border to carry out covert operations and counter espionage activities. When you have the enemy’s most confidential information, lies and fraud will make them confused about you.

As your level of penetration increases, you will unlock new actions, such as destroying star bases, obtaining informants, or stealing technology. Using the tactics of provoking dissension and causing diplomatic disputes, let the Allies kill each other. Use cards so they don’t know who’s really behind the scenes.

New set of ships: Nemesis contains new ships inspired by the huge empires in science fiction works. Whether you want to take control of the galaxy or destroy it, it will make you look very brave.