Steam “refining workshop 2 of lesha” is updated free of charge, and DLC second bullet line is online

Today (March 16), glorious tekumo announced that "alchemy workshop 2 of Laisha" released the steam version of free update 2, DLC version 2 and free DLC, as well as ps5 version update ver.1.07 and steam version update ver.1.03.
[update the second bullet for free]


Photo mode update


Special BGM package “alchemy workshop online”


[DLC 2nd bullet]


Gust extra BGM package


[free DLC]


“Alchemy workshop” series of BGM packages

[update information]

Ps5 update ver.1.07

Fixed the problem that character voice cannot be played in the world map after applying the update ver.1.06.

Steam version update ver.1.03

The photo frame and posture that can be selected in the photographing mode are added.

Special BGM package “alchemy workshop online” was added.

Corresponding additional content.

Fixed the problem of not playing se.

Minor adjustments and corrections.

“Alchemy workshop 2 of Laisha” has been launched on ps5ps4switchsteam platform. Interested players can try this game.