Steam remote sharing function will be updated soon, non steam users can also join

Valve recently announced that the steam remote music function has been greatly updated. Next, even if the players without a steam account can enjoy the fun of online multiplayer games easily after a few simple steps.

The remote sharing function allows players to join the local multiplayer games of friends through the network. This feature can be enabled only if one player buys a game, and of course, a stable network connection is required. Some of the hot works, such as “fear of ghosts” and “Xinglu Gu” support this function.

Steam remote sharing function will be updated soon, non steam users can also join

Previously, the remote music sharing function was only open to steam users, but after valve was updated, even if not, steam users could join the game. The feature is still under test, and players who want to experience need to download steam

Beta client to experience. To invite non steam users, players only need to open the game supporting remote sharing and create an invitation link. Links can be sent to anyone on your phone, raspberry pie, or PC. Although the number of steam users is large, such a bonus is still to many players who are not willing to register account.

Non steam users who want to participate in the game need to download steam

Link application. This application can let players without steam account stream the game process of friends, instead of using the Steam client itself. Currently, the update is still in the process of development, and steam wants to provide some feedback from the players involved in the test. It is inevitable that the post adjustment of such functions can not be avoided, but it should not take too long to open to all players.