Steam’s 38 yuan Movie Preview

The thriller interactive movie game "saw black clouds" has been launched in steam. The pre purchase price is 43 yuan in China. Now the pre purchase special price is only 38.7 yuan and simplified Chinese is supported.

The reason why a close friend died suddenly and strangely is the strange encounter in her former residence, which means why Christina’s conspiracy and terror come to the surface on her way to explore the truth. Is it the distortion of human nature or the supernatural

Steam's 38 yuan Movie Preview

In the past clouds, this psychological thriller interactive movie game is performed by real people.

Steam's 38 yuan Movie Preview

About this game

Steam's 38 yuan Movie Preview

Why did a close friend die suddenly

What is the meaning of the strange encounter in the former residence

What kind of conspiracy and terror will emerge on Christina’s way to explore the truth

Is it the distortion of human nature or the supernatural

“Past clouds” is a psychological thriller interactive movie game performed by real people, and the various choices made by players in the game will affect what you explore and see in the game, your journey, and even the final answer.

Not only that, your interaction and choice can also show your personality and social pattern. You can view the analysis of your character in the game, and explore your personality from five perspectives: Frank, tough, moral code, tactful, introspective and prudent

——And these traits will also influence the protagonist’s behavior in the face of difficulties and challenges: whether to be brave, unwilling to accept, or to live with guilt. How do you choose

Game features

It’s an interactive psychological thriller interactive movie made in the UK.

According to the player’s choice, it will set foot on a completely different story line.

Real time player personality and social relationship tracking system allows you to see the impact of your choice at any time.

Starred by professional actors: Nicole ONeill’s vulgar tales, Rachel Jackson’s legend of the ancient battlefield, and Larry rew’s Avatar.

Unlocking function: skip the scenes you have seen and play character analysis.

Anchor mode can be selected, pause the game when options appear, allowing the anchor to make a choice with the audience.