Steam’s new weekly sales list “the temple of heroes” won the seventh consecutive title and “gta5” ranked the third

Steam's new week (March 15 - March 21) sales list was made public. The open world cooperative survival game "valheim: the temple of the spirits" won the first place in six consecutive titles, the valve index VR suite ranked second, gta5 returned to the third place in the list, and the domestic stand-alone "ghost Valley eight wastes" ranked tenth.

The detailed ranking is as follows:

Steam's new weekly sales list

1. Valheim: the temple of the spirits

2. Valve index VR Suite


4、《Loop Hero》

5. CS: go crazy teeth

6. Wild escort 2

7. Extreme speed: Horizon 4

8. Extreme speed: Horizon 4


10. Eight wastelands of ghost Valley