Steam’s new weekly sales of “the temple of the spirits” won four consecutive titles

In the new week (February 22 - February 28), steam's sales list was made public. Valheim, an open world cooperative survival game, topped the list for four consecutive times. The domestic stand-alone ghost Valley eight wasters dropped to the third place, and gta5 fell out of the list.

The detailed ranking is as follows:

Steam's new weekly sales of

1. Valheim: the temple of the spirits

2. Valve index VR Suite

3. Eight wastelands of ghost Valley

4. 5 random battles: phantom attack

5. “Strange Tales of the goddess 5 random battle: phantom attacker” Deluxe Edition

6. The story of Xinglu Valley


8. RenWang 2: the complete version

9. Bode’s gate 3

10. CS: go crazy teeth