Steel ship roars again “battleship world” is about to land epic game mall

At the spring press conference of epic game mall, a series of expected news were announced, including the news that the whole series of heart of Kingdom landed on PC platform and axiom edge 2 landed on PC. In addition, there is also information about the upcoming landing of battleship world in epic game mall.

“Battleship world” is a free online naval game, players in the game manipulate a steel warship, and the enemy ship to fight at sea. This work has four different warship levels, with strategic design scenes, to create the ultimate naval experience for players. In the game, there are many ships accurately restored according to history, and there is also a digital Warship Museum. Users of epic game mall can experience all the contents of the game, including game activities, advertisements and all the previous upgrades. However, users who have registered in battleship world will not be able to convert their accounts to epic game mall.

Steel ship roars again

Rajeev, regional distribution director, wargaming

“We try to make battleship world accessible to as many players as possible in the world,” girdhar said. It’s a great honor for us to participate in this spring conference. Joining the epic game mall is a natural step in the growth of the game. We can’t wait to see the epic release. “

Battleship world has landed on many different platforms. Battleship world: Blitzkrieg has landed on IOS and Android platforms, and battleship world: Legend has landed on PS4 and Xbox

One platform. After joining epic game mall, more players will participate in the intense naval battle.