“Steel winged girl” 20 minutes play demonstration released to show details of mecha combat

Today (March 15), a nearly 20 minute play demonstration of steel wing girl has been published. Some tasks and details of the play are tested. The work will be officially listed on June 3, 2021.

20 minute play demonstration of steel wing girl:

Background of the game:

The steel wing girls and the girls fighting the “nihilists” are called “violets”. For themselves, for the things that must be guarded, and for their partners, they are dressed in wings, turned into swords, bravely fighting against the dark

This work is composed of two parts: the “battle field of girls” and “girls’ daily life”.

“Girls’ battlefield” is presented in a shooting mode full of joy. Players can use a variety of weapons to knock down powerful enemies.

The daily life of girls is presented by the story, describing the process of girls growing up in conflict.

The two parts complement each other, which will show the story of girls from different aspects.

The release date of steel wing girl on PS4, switch and PC platform was postponed to june3,2021. It was launched simultaneously globally, and the physical version and restricted version were only sold in Japan and Asia.