“Strange life” new work will be announced on March 19 new protagonist new ability

SE will announce the new work of strange life at its online press conference. According to the official photos, "strange life" will be released at 1:00 a.m. Beijing time on March 19. The new work will be a new protagonist, a new story and a new ability.

In January this year, there were rumors on the Internet about the new work strange life. Emily Rogers, uncle party, revealed that strange life IP will be handed over to deck, the development team of strange life: before the storm

Under the responsibility of nine, dontnod will no longer develop the new series of strange life.

Recently, it was revealed on the foreign game forum resetera that the next “strange life” game will be called “strange life: true color”

The new protagonist is Alex. Alex can read his heart. Different characters have different colors to show their mood. The new work will focus more on music than the original games.

The se conference takes about 40 minutes, and the schedule is as follows:


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