“Strange life: true colors” PC steam version adopts D encryption technology

This week, Se and developer deck nine

Games has released strange life: true colors, a popular story driven adventure series that will have new stories, characters and abilities, and it’s the first time that the series will no longer be sold in chapters. According to the steam page of the game, “strange life: true colors” PC version will also use d encryption technology. It is worth mentioning that the national price of this steam edition is 427 yuan. At present, it has a special pre purchase price of 397 yuan.

Considering that other games released by Se, including self defense 4 and Tomb Raider: shadow, all use d encryption technology, it’s not surprising that the newly released strange life: nature uses D encryption.

It’s obviously very expensive to keep D encryption technology in the game, so we often see that some games that initially used D encryption will be removed by the official patch. Although d-encryption protects the interests of manufacturers, there is always public opinion that it will occupy the CPU of players’ computers, resulting in the performance degradation of some games that rely on CPU.

In addition, consistent with previous rumors, “strange life: true colors” steam page shows that the work has LGBTQ elements.