“Strange life: true colors” steam opens pre order of standard version of national region 397 yuan

Life is shape: true

Colors has opened the pre purchase in steam, with 397 yuan (-7) of the standard pre purchase special, 463 yuan (-10) for luxury pre purchase and 538 yuan (-34) for the final pre purchase special. Now pre order “strange life: the natural color” can get 4 extra sets of electroless game in-game clothing.

“Strange life: the natural color” is developed by deck nine and released by Se, which supports simplified Chinese, and is due to be available on September 11 this year. The high definition remake collection of strange life will be available this fall.

The luxury edition of strange life: the natural color includes:

“Strange life: the color” is the whole game.

Exclusive extra story wavelength: play Stephen a year before ericks arrived in Hong Kong springs, experiencing a single story at Rockies mountain audio and video center and krct radio.

Exclusive “strange life” hero clothing bag: add 4 sets of new clothes for Alice who was the protagonist. The package is inspired by the following: colour misfit skull; Sean-

Wolf square; Daniel space mission; Macquarie Jane Doe. In each chapter of the game body, there is a set of the above-mentioned clothing to choose from.

The ultimate edition of strange life: the natural color includes:

Exclusive extra story wavelength

Exclusive “strange life” Hero Costume bag

“Strange life” reprinted

“Strange life: the eve of storm” reprinted

Strange life: the eve of storm – Zombie crypt

About this game

The award-winning “strange life” has begun a bold new era, playing a new leading role, solving the thrilling mystery!

The protagonist, Alice Chen, has long suppressed her “Curse” she has been carrying: she has the ability to perceive, absorb and even manipulate the strong emotions of others. These emotions will be presented in her eyes with a glowing color halo.

When her brother died in a so-called accident, ericks had to use her unstable powers to find the truth – and uncover the dark secrets that were buried under the town.

The unacceptable truth

In a risk filled with ups and downs, dig out the amazing secret behind brother’s death.

Feel everything

Change destiny and life with the power of empathy.

A fetter that is hard to leave

Build trust with the small town dwellers – and develop friendship or romantic love with Ryan and Stephen.

Tell the story of the truth

Make tough decisions and choose your future. Free stroll around the streets, shops and few people in Hong Kong Quan Town, and meet unforgettable characters.

Express yourself

Decide on the dress of Alice, up to 24 sets of fashion available.

Exclusive track

New music of mxmtoon and novo amor, and includes Radiohead, Phoebe bridges, Gabrielle Aplin

Many authorized works produced.

“Strange life” reprinted and “strange life: before storm” reprinted

Return to Arcadia bay to experience the new upgrade life is span twice! Remake the new upgraded visual effects and animation, inject new life into characters and stories.

The re production package of life is span includes life is brand reprint, life is span: before the

Storm reprint. “.


Re production emphasizes the visual effect of characters and game pictures

Fully use facial motion capture technology to master expression changes and greatly improve the character animation fineness

Game puzzle content is updated

Engine and light effects update

The choices and results of the players will make the adventure a different end

Change the outcome of an event with Max’s ability to reverse time or Chloe’s smart and agile attitude

Exclusive authorized soundtrack and original music by daughter

Pre purchase life is strategic Remastered

Collection (the collection of the re production of strange life) can get the “zombie grave grave” suit of geluoer. The zombie grave set is only in life is span: before the

Available in storm remastered. 《Life is Strange Remastered

Collection includes life is span remastered and life is span: before

the Storm Remastered》。

Life is span: before the storm is back online, and reprinting emphasizes the visual effects of characters and game pictures.

The remake story happened three years ago when life is span started. The player played 16-year-old Chloe price, and she accidentally became a girl with the popular and bright looking beauty Rachel Anber.

When Rachel found out the amazing secret of the family, her new girlfriend Chloe gave her the courage to live.

Girls are about to meet bad people. They have to fight together to beat them.