“Strange life: true colors” trailer was officially released and launched on September 10

At the square Enix live event square Enix presentations, held in the morning of March 19, the company released a new series of strange life works, life is shape: true colors, and the following is the first trailer for the game.

Trailer of strange life: the natural color:

Introduction to the game:

There is a curse hidden in Alice Chen: her empathy super ability can absorb and manipulate the emotions of others. When her brother died in a so-called accident, ericks had to use her ability to find the truth – and to see the secrets of years buried.

The release date of strange life: natural color is September 10, corresponding to platforms PS4, ps5, xsx| s, Xbox one, PC, stadia.

The ultimate edition of “strange life: natural color” includes: strange life: the original color, exclusive additional story wavelength, exclusive “strange life” hero clothing bag, strange life remastered, strange life: Storm Eve remastered, strange life: the eve of storm – Zombie crypt clothing wavelength and remastered version will be launched after the original color is sold.

It is worth mentioning that the collection of two high-definition reprogrammes, including “strange life” remastered and “strange life: the eve of storm”, will also be available this fall.