“Strange sword 2” light flame hand-held second time reseller, September 2022

The latest news from goodfamily and the official "strange sword" is that the light flame hand office of "the blade of the difference" confirms the re vendor (second note), and accepts the reservation from Friday, March 12 to 21:00 on April 21, 2021, and is expected to ship in September 2022.

Interestingly, goodfamily also made a poster specifically:

The proportion model of light and flame 17 of “strange divine sword 2” was first launched in 2018. Because of the popularity of fans, the market price once rose to more than 8000 yuan, even known as “Haijing house”. At the beginning of last year, two handymakers confirmed that they would sell again, giving fans a chance to start. Now it is three times that the seller (twice bet) is announced.

At present, goodfamily has also booked two commodities on the official website of Chinese, with the deposit still being 18333 yen consumption tax (RMB 1300-1400).

Official website reservation address of guangfanzhong

Official website reservation address of yanfanzhong

Product introduction

The other gesture of the legendary flame in Nintendo switch game “strange sword 2” decided to sell again! The role design is based on the original painting of Mr. Saito, which reappears the power and charm of light. In addition, it can be put together with “flame” (sold separately), and the cross decoration of the two swords is more bold (limited in quantity, and the end of sale).