“Strange world: Soul storm” clearance takes 20 hours ps5 1440p

Recently, foreign media interviewed Lorne lanning, the producer of "strange world: Soul storm" and the series, and reported on the development status of the game and the features of ps5 version, which involves the details such as the length and resolution of the game process that players pay attention to. Let's have a look.

First of all, the producer admitted that although the content of the finished product of strange world: Soul storm has been reduced after several delays, the final version on the market is still more substantial than the original plan. In the choice of exclusive cooperation with Sony, the producer said that Sony gave financial support and trusted them, so they chose PS4 and ps5 hosts for exclusive cooperation.

The length of the game flow of “strange world: Soul storm” depends on the game style. The first clearance takes about 20 hours. If you want platinum or full achievement, it naturally takes more time.

Strange world: Soul storm on ps5 platform 1440P@60FPS The PS4 version is run as 1080P@30FPS function. Although PC, ps5 and PS4 have the same game experience, ps5 uses 3D sound effects, adaptive trigger and other features to enhance the sense of immersion.

Strange world: Soul storm will go on sale on April 6 and will be launched in PS4, ps5 and epic game stores.