“Street bully” popular woman owner Chunli’s latest hand is strong and single legged, with psychedelic expression

Kapcock recently announced that the new hand-made shop of Chunli, the popular heroine of street bully, opened the pre purchase, and the sign of big and thick legs is still strong. This time, the single leg stand up posture is adopted, and the expression is slightly illusory.

·As one of the most senior roles in the series of street bully under kapukong, the original international criminal police and Chunli attracted numerous fans with their classic baozi head and big thick legs. This time, the new office was newly created by the stylist binzaki Gang, with a height of 42cm. Chunli has a large and thick leg and flesh, and the single leg is not hard to stand.

¬∑Chunli’s latest hand-held price is 27280 yen, which is to open pre purchase on July 21, and is scheduled to be officially available. Interested fans can pay attention to the official page: Click to enter.