“Sugar bean man: the final elimination” the fourth season on line new trailer display

The fourth season of "sugar bean man: the final elimination" has been officially launched, and the official has also released a new trailer to celebrate the launch of the new season.

The fourth season of tangdouren: the final elimination is about the future, bringing players to the future world and fighting together in 4041. In the middle of the season, people will go to the neon future version of blunderdome.

This time, seven new levels will be added, including the sky rush of 60 people to low gravity basketball and other events. The new team mode also allows four players to form teams and declare victory when one of them wins. Square race also provides a new round mode, that is, different teams compete to get points, and the team with the lowest score will be eliminated.

“Sugar bean man: final elimination” Season 4 Trailer

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