“Super Mario 3D world rage world” m station average 91 ign 7 points

"Super Mario 3D world rage world" will be officially released on February 12, and the media rating will be officially lifted. As of the time of publication, 31 media in M station have evaluated the work, with an average score of 91 points, and big media has given good comments.

VGC 100 points:

Nintendo successfully created the brilliance of Super Mario 3D world with its rich imagination. Fury world, though a little lacking in creativity, offers a few extra hours of challenging tasks that are worth revisiting.

Gamespot 90 points:

All in all, Super Mario 3D world fury world is an excellent collection. Super Mario 3D world is definitely the best work of NS. This is the best version. Some improvements make the game more sophisticated. “Mad world” is very unique, not very eye-catching, but the story is very good, with a special creativity. The two games work together to show the creativity of Mario games.

EGM 80 points:

Super Mario 3D world fury world is a switch version of the game that players have been waiting for. In addition to multi player online, it is also a game that players have already experienced on wiiu. Players who experience the work for the first time will enjoy the pleasure of 2D3D. Fury world is the highlight of the collection. It’s a mini but amazing 3D Mario game, but it still needs some improvement.

Ign: 7 points

“Super Mario 3D world fury world” provides players with some fascinating ways to play, but the two games do not reach the ideal height. If you are eager to play more Mario games on NS, this game is not necessary.

Other media ratings:

VG247 100 points

Nintendo life 100 points

Vooks 100 points

Video chums 92 points

The gamer 90

Ign Italia 90 points

Twinfine 90 points

Ausgamers 86 points

Cogconnected 80 points