“Super Mario Brothers 35” new special challenge global players cooperate to earn platinum points

Nintendo's Mario Brothers 35th anniversary special game Super Mario Brothers 35 starts the latest special challenge today on March 23. Players from all over the world cooperate to collect 350 million coins in a week. If only one coin is collected during the activity, they can also get 350 platinum points after reaching the total goal!

·”Super Mario Brothers 35″ is a special game for Nintendo to commemorate the 35th anniversary of its masterpiece Mario Brothers. The classic playing method of the game is still unchanged, but this new mode is full of fun. It can compete with 35 players at the same time. There are many other playing methods, and players at all levels can quickly find their own challenges.

·”Super Mario Brothers 35″ new special challenge will be held from March 23 to March 30. Players from all over the world will work together to achieve the goal of collecting 350 million coins. As long as only one coin is collected during the activity, as long as the overall goal is achieved, they will be rewarded. My Nintendo platinum points from Nintendo are 350. Let’s go.