Suspected EA employees sell “fifa21” rare cards for profit

EA is investigating an employee, or at least someone related to EA FIFA, who has been accused of selling rare cards of the ultimate FIFA 21 team on the Internet in exchange for "real money".

Earlier this week, social media revealed a lot of SMS screenshots, showing the communication process between an EA employee and a fifa21 player. Players want to buy icon players and team of the year cards of the ultimate fifa21 team. In the SMS communication, the seller sells these rare cards for more than $1000.

Suspected EA employees sell

Usually, players need to trade in the game or buy random booty packs to get these cards. Because of the burst rate, these cards are very rare.

Suspected EA employees sell

It’s not clear how these deals were conducted, but according to the chat screenshot, buyers only need to provide their PSN and EA ID, as well as the appropriate funds. When the buyer asked if they need to worry about account blocking, the seller said “no risk”, but did not disclose the reason for security considerations.

Suspected EA employees sell

The seller is said to have offered a range of goods, including three 750 Euro icon player cards and two 1000 euro annual lineup cards.

EA Sports FIFA’s official twitter also issued a statement today (March 11), saying that it is aware of the situation and has launched an investigation: “a thorough investigation is in progress. If misconduct is found, we will take prompt action. We need to make it clear that this kind of behavior is unacceptable and we will not condone what is suspected to have happened here. “