“Swaying camping △ Qihu chapter” opened for download on March 4

Today (March 2), cloudleopard entertainment released the latest official promotional video of "swaying camping △ virtual camp". Meanwhile, it announced that the Chinese version of "benqihu chapter" will be available for download on March 4 (4). Another "foothill camp" will be launched later in April. The game will be launched on ps4switchsteamios Android platform, supporting simplified and traditional Chinese.

New promo:

Although this is a VR game, it can still play normally without VR devices. “Flicker camping △ virtual camp” reproduces the leisurely camping process of Fuzi and Lin in VR devices. Players can take photos freely or enjoy picnics. They can enjoy camping at Mount Fuji anytime and anywhere.

For the first time, this article supports six different platforms, including smart phones, home phones, PCs, and VR devices on all platforms on the market. If you don’t have VR devices, you can play normally. Please choose your favorite platform to download this work. Using smart phones to play can enjoy the feeling of taking pictures everywhere, just like holding up the camera lens of mobile phones locally. If you use VR games, you can feel the realistic experience of experiencing the scene.

“Flicker camping △ virtual camp ~ Qihu chapter ~” is approved to log on PS4, switch, steam, IOS and Android platforms. It supports simplified and traditional Chinese. Interested players can click here to get the steam mall link.