Switch “apex hero” compared with PS4 Pro

The switch version of aepx hero has been posted to the eshop of Nintendo for free. According to the previous news, the resolution and frame rate of this version are lower than those of other platforms. What is the picture like? Let's take a look at the comparison video with the PS4 Pro version of apex hero.

“Apex hero” switch vs. PS4 Pro:


The switch version of aepx hero was transplanted from the panic button. It runs at 720p resolution in base mode and 576p resolution in handheld mode, and the frame rate in both modes is 30fps.

As can be seen from the above comparison video, the main difference between the two versions lies in the resolution and mapping quality of the picture. In addition to the overall degradation of resolution, frame rate and mapping quality, the switch version provides a better visual distance, which is really commendable.