Switch Pro will have “exclusive” game, the current model can not play

Nintendo's new host switch Pro will have some exclusive games that the current switch host cannot play.

The news came from Uncle Nate Drake. He revealed that the number of these exclusive games is small, especially from third-party partners. The insider did not disclose which exclusive games were available, but said he did know at least one.

Switch Pro will have

After the announcement, fans began to guess which third-party games will become switches

Switch Pro will have

Pro exclusive. At present, R star’s games gta5 and wild escort 2 are the most popular. Last year’s “Final Fantasy 7: Remaking” voice is also very high.

Of course, the above are rumors. So far, Nintendo has not even officially acknowledged switch

The existence of Pro model. In fact, earlier this year, Nintendo told fans not to expect a new model to come soon.

Nintendo plans to launch a switch host with Samsung OLED screen this year, with a 7-inch resolution of 720p, according to a report by Peng Bo yesterday. Compared with switch’s current screen, OLED consumes less power, has higher contrast and is more responsive.

In addition, the source also pointed out that the new switch will support 4K resolution in TV mode. The screen of switch’s current model is 6.2 inches. After using OLED, if the overall size of the host remains unchanged, the new switch may have a higher screen share.