“Swordsman 7” trial version update, the official version is still under intense development

Recently, "Legend of swordsman 7" has been put on steam platform. The game will be on sale in 2021. The price has not been disclosed yet. The game demo will go online on March 31.

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Today (March 19) the official microblog of square game released the update instructions for the trial version of “Legend of swordsman 7”, which corrected some bugs and deficiencies in the trial version. This may be the last update of the trial version. The official version of swordsman 7 is still under intense development. Thank you for your support!

Original of microblog:

Since the release of Xianjian 7 trial version, we have received a lot of trial feedback from our friends, for which we would like to express our sincere thanks!

In view of some bugs and deficiencies in the trial version, we released the latest version today for correction, as follows:

1. Adjust the facial and hairstyle of the protagonists “yueqingshu” and “Xiuwu”

2. Improve the main character “yueqingshu” general attack and combo move speed

3. Slightly shorten the cast skill of the protagonist “yueqingshu”

4. The key decision of Xiqu boss battle QTE is optimized

5. Optimized some main character strike sound effects

6. Added sound effects for drug use

7. Fix the bug of upper limit of drugs used in battle

8. Optimized some rendering performance

9. Optimize the efficiency of video memory

Please confirm that the square game platform has been updated to v3.2.7.1

In case of game problems and suggestions, you can directly click the “game problem feedback” button in the box to give us feedback. Thank you very much!

At present, the official version of Xianjian 7 is still under intense development. This may be the last update of the trial version. In order to improve the development efficiency, more problem correction and optimization will be carried out in the development of the official version. Thank you again for your support and encouragement!

Project team of “Legend of swordsman 7”

March 19, 2021