T2 CEO: the players are ready to raise the price of the game to $70

The CEO of take two reiterated that it's a right decision to raise the price of the next generation version of NBA 2k21 to $70, because players are ready for the price increase.

At this week’s Morgan Stanley technology, media and Telecom Conference, Zelnick, CEO of take two, was asked to comment on the NBA

T2 CEO: the players are ready to raise the price of the game to $70

2k21 price rise, and how it will affect the future pricing of the game.

He responded: “we are for NBA

2k21 announced a price point of $70. We think we provide a lot of extraordinary game experience and a lot of replaying. The last price increase in the United States was in 2005 and 2006, so we think players are ready for this. “

However, he did not suggest that future game pricing should start at $70. Instead, he suggested that companies should focus on providing content quality that can afford to be priced at $70.

“We haven’t announced the pricing of our other games yet, and we tend to publish them on a game by game basis, but I think our view is that we will always provide more value than we charge, making sure that both the consumer experience and the paid experience are positive.

We all know that even if you really like a consumer experience, if you feel that you have been overcharged, it will destroy the experience, and you don’t want to have it anymore. (if you) go to a great restaurant, a very, very good restaurant, have a great meal, enjoy great service, and then you get twice as much bill as you think, and you’ll never go back.

So we always want to make sure that consumers feel that what we offer is much more than what we ask for in return, which is also true for our current player consumption. We are an entertainment company, and our goal is to attract and attract consumers, and if we do that, then the money will come with it. “