“Taxi” and chaos

Although there is no new plan for "crazy taxi", lion castle and GS2

Games is making a “chaotic taxi”, which is inspired by Sega’s masterpiece “crazy taxi”.

Chaos taxi will go on sale on February 23, landing on PS4 and Xbox

One and NS platforms, the latter two platforms have been opened for pre purchase, and PS4 platform has not been opened yet. The manufacturer announced the new information and screenshot of this work today.

Jorden, chief game designer of chaos taxi

“The last time I took an adventure in a taxi game was 20 years ago,” says stocx. In chaos taxi, we want to create memories of classic games. Of course, this is not an orthodox sequel to that classic game, but we also hope that players can accept the inheritance of chaos taxi to this long absent game type. “

The features of chaos taxi are as follows:

Explore and master the streets of the huge and vibrant new yellow City

Find the best route, sprint to earn the most fares. Want to be faster? Fly over other vehicles or buildings!

Cross! Hit it! The more risky, the crazier, the more rewards!

Break the rules with 7 kinds of extreme vehicles, from the classic yellow taxi to the muscle car with personality! Perfect your vehicle collection after making money.

Know all kinds of strange passengers, they all have funny personality and full voice dialogue. In the game, players can receive fashionistas, plumbers, rock stars, and aliens!

Smash the mailbox, street lights, fire hydrants, all those in the way, the city is your playground.

Test your driving skills in three different game modes: classic arcade mode, free roaming mode and professional mode.

Chaos taxi will go on sale on February 23.

Game screenshot: