“The adventures of tederette in Wonderland” is about to leave the stage for official release

Plasma recently announced that the "Galactic demon city" style game "adventure in the wonderland of didelite in the battle of Rhodes island" is about to break away from the preemptive experience stage and will be officially released on steam on March 27.

Full version of the game added the game’s fifth and sixth level, and will complete the plot.

In addition, before the official release of the game will get a bigger discount, after all, on March 27, the game will be $19.99.

Background of the game:

“Adventure in Wonderland” is a 2D exploration of the devil city action game. The game works by team Ladybug to “Rhodes island” world view into the beautiful pixel map and art, flexible use of professional programs to make a unique exploration adventure action game.

Introduction to the game story:

When tillette woke up, she found herself in a strange place, empty. While exploring in the forest, I met friends like Jim who had died, but it only left didelite a strange feeling. What’s wrong with the forest? How to feel the weapon and magic of light ladle. With the help of the elf herof and the saromann snake, tederette looks for answers everywhere in this world of mystery.

Introduction to game features:

The content of the famous Japanese Fantasy Legend “the battle of Rhodes island”. Second creation action game with the protagonist “tederette” as the main character;

It was produced by team ladybug, the developer of Oriental Luna night, which sold 150000 copies worldwide;

During the game, collect different weapons and ELF power to explore the maze;

The capacity of the game is only 50MB and the detailed pixel action diagram is generated;