The coalition recruits for the new development of war machine

It's been a year and a half since the launch of war machine 5, the latest work in the war machine series, which has been updated through action system, and action 6 was updated earlier this week.

Although the content of “war machine 5” is still being updated, the coalition must have been preparing for the development of the new series of “war machine”. Now, the

The coalition recruits for the new development of war machine

Coalition’s CG producer tweeted that the studio is looking for full-time positions, including community management director and chief CG animator.

There are 12 full-time positions in the recruitment list, and 12 contract positions. The studio wrote: “the

Coalion is looking for people who fit our team’s culture very well. They need energy, enthusiasm and determination to accomplish their tasks. ” The studio is also looking for senior 3D marketing artists and several positions related to senior play designers. The title of “war machine 6” is not mentioned on the studio’s official website, but that these posts will be related to the follow-up projects of “war machine” series.

Although “war machine 6” is still quite a long time away from us, at least we can see that

The pace of coalition has not stopped, and the development of war machine 6 has been launched while ensuring the update of war machine 5.