The crash of RenWang 2 PC game is under investigation

Recently, developer team

Ninja officials confirmed they were investigating PC version of RenWang 2 caused by patch 1.27. Many fans reported that after the 1.27 patch was online, they had a game crash problem.

The crash of RenWang 2 PC game is under investigation

The 1.27 patch of Ren Wang 2 was launched last week, adding support for keyboard icons, improving game performance and fixing some bugs.

The crash of RenWang 2 PC game is under investigation

1.27 version update

■ new content

Key diagram supporting display of keyboard and mouse

You can switch under system, keyboard and mouse settings, icon display

■ repair content

Fix the problem that when the maximum FPS is set to 120, the “big moves” of a specific enemy can not be bounced back with special skill sometimes

Improve the problem of easy to decrease the number of frames per second when the effect quality in image setting is set to high

When shadow is set to disabled in image settings, shadow remains on in the movie

Fix fog in the level that is brighter than the set point

When the display resolution is “1360×768”, the screen resolution can be set to “1366×768”

In keyboard and mouse settings, key settings will change the setting when the camera angle is controlled by the mouse in photo mode

Fix the problem that some special effects in the invitation to fight against chaos in the past movie can not be displayed normally

Repair the problem that the appearance of “dragon super tolerance” can not be displayed normally

When you contribute your appearance settings to twitter, the picture files in the scrapbook will no longer contain desktop menus

Fix other problems