The developer of “Double Tour” gives a speech to support “cyberpunk 2077”

Josef, who was famous for his outspokenness and scolding Oscar at TGA, is the developer of "a couple"

Fares fired again recently. This time, his gun was aimed at many critics of cdpr’s new work cyberpunk 2077.

The developer of

Josef fares recently talked with Geoff, the organizer of TGA, in a twitter chat room

Keighley interacted and discussed the topic of his new work, a trip for two. At the end of the chat session, Fares participated in the question and answer session of the audience, and introduced the challenges faced by COVID-19 in the game development process.

Fares said that he was lucky to complete the action capture work in the middle of the two city closures, so that the “Double Tour” could go on sale on March 26. He also expressed sympathy for COVID-19’s game companies that caused game bouncing or delivery difficulties.

In response, he suddenly mentioned the recently criticized cdpr new work “cyberpunk 2077”, saying: “cyberpunk has received too many rubbish words, which is very unfair.” The word “witch hunt” appeared in his speech, which should refer to the death threat received by the developers of cyberpunk 2077.

It will go on sale on March 26 on PC, ps5, PS4, Xbox series XS and Xbox one platforms.