The father of “out of the siege” won’t develop the game today because people believe in conspiracy theory too much

Warren Spector, the father of out of the box, was one of the people who gave a virtual speech at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) this week. According to Kotaku, Warren

Spector confirmed that he would not make the game today because so many people believe in conspiracy theory, which is an important part of the story of out of the siege.

The father of

“Out of the siege” was first released in 2000, but the story takes place in 2052, where many real-world conspiracy theories come true. The storyline involves vaccination, black helicopters, FEMA and echelons, some of which involve real events. Spector said: “interestingly, I’m not sure I can create” out of the box “today. The conspiracy theories that we write are now part of the real world. I don’t want to support that. “

Earlier, Spector said he was surprised at the accuracy of their forecasts of the world’s direction. “Frankly, it scares me a bit.”

Some conspiracy theories don’t appear in the game, such as those around Denver Airport, because they are considered “too stupid to appear in the game.”. These include theories about secret tunnels, connections with aliens and Nazi secret societies, and information hidden in airport art. Spector now doesn’t believe that “people will really believe them.”.

The original out of the box game was developed by Ion Storm. Spector left Ion Storm in 2004 and went bankrupt a year later. He’s on the other side now

Entertainment, they are making “cyber wonder 3” and “underground world: rise.”. Although he “really wants to make a new” out of siege “game, the IP is in SE’s hands, so the latest games” out of Siege: Human Revolution “and” out of Siege: human split “developed by Se Montreal have nothing to do with Spector himself.