The final poster of Harry Potter’s “Gunter family: the origin of Voldemort” on 5.29

The house of gaunt: Lord Voldemort

The ultimate poster and trailer. French meat Maxence

The final poster of Harry Potter's

The young version of Voldemort played by Danet Fauvel makes the fans look forward to it. Many people are fascinated by his handsome, and are even referred to as “Voldemort with the highest face value”!

The final poster of Harry Potter's


Gunter family: the origin of Voldemort is based on the author J.K. Rowling’s novel Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. It is an “unofficial” biography of Harry Potter. It mainly refers to Voldemort’s past experience in his youth. It also reveals how Voldemort’s mother successfully attracted “old Tom ruidou” and finally gave birth to Voldemort .

In the final poster of “the gunts: the origin of Voldemort”, Marcus Danai favel is expressionless and seems to be plotting something. It is reported that the film will be released in France on May 29.