The future is a beautiful musk praises China: will be our biggest market

After building a super factory in Shanghai, China, Tesla's production of new energy vehicles will increase greatly in 2020 and start to make profits. In an interview with CCTV recently, musk said that he is optimistic about China's future development.

Recently, CCTV interviewed Tesla CEO musk in the form of video connection. He recently came to China to attend the 2021 annual meeting of China Development Forum.

The future is a beautiful musk praises China: will be our biggest market

Speaking about China’s 14th five year plan, musk said he was most impressed by the huge commitment to a low-carbon economy and ultimately a sustainable energy economy.

In this five-year plan, China is committed to achieving “peak carbon” by 2030 and a sustainable energy economy by 2060.

“It’s a very aggressive goal, and I think it’s a great goal,” Musk said. I hope more countries can actually set these goals as well. “

Regarding China’s expansion of domestic demand, musk said that China’s economic development will be better in the next decade. It is also committed to a future characterized by sustainable energy.

‘in the long run, China will be our biggest market and the place where we produce the most vehicles and have the most customers,’ Mr. musk said.

Musk expressed his optimistic view and declared that he is very confident that China’s future will be bright. China is moving towards becoming the world’s largest economy and will become more prosperous in the future. This five-year plan will become an important part of this prosperity.