The iconic nuclear war strategy game “preemptive: classic war” landed on PC and mobile platforms today

"Preemptive: final moment" seventh anniversary, celebrate the launch of the classic remake: the war of classics with 11million players

Blindflug, Swiss developer, Zurich, Switzerland, March 10, 2021

The iconic nuclear war strategy game

Studios is happy to release a new version of the “preemptive: classic war,” a signature nuclear strategy game that is now available on PCs, IOS and Android.

The iconic nuclear war strategy game

“Preemptive: classic war” is a new AI and redesigned user interface to recreate preemption: the final moment. The “preemptive: classic war” update will replace steam and Google play for free

The iconic nuclear war strategy game

The old version of preemption on the store and Apple App store.

The iconic nuclear war strategy game

Since its release in March 2014, preemptive: final moment has gained more than 11million players from all over the world.

For years, the pre emptive fan community has been eager to see new content. This game remaking will serve as the basis for future content updates. The extensions are only for free versions of the game and are scheduled to be available in summer 2021.

The characteristics of “preemptive: the battle of classics”:

·New optimized code base, rebuild from scratch.

·New strategies and behaviors, greatly improve the AI of the game.

·New user interface

·Can play 12 nuclear superpowers – choose the actual superpower to play, including the United States, Russia, China or North Korea.

·Destructive super weapons – building twelve advanced rockets, such as Trident and czar rockets, each alliance is unique.

·Build rockets and missiles, conquer new territories, and study new destructive nuclear technologies.

·A new social center.

·Control the world – launch and defend nuclear rockets on 3D Earth.

At 6 p.m. Greenwich time on March 13, 2021, in addition to the re distribution of the game, players can also be in twitch,

YouTube and Facebook interact with developers on questions and answers. As a special reward, blindplug will hold a live star commander contest for many people.

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