The introduction of derivative comics by “apex hero” will affect the dialogue content in the game

Dark Horse Comics recently announced that they will launch the comic works of "apex hero". According to respawn, this comic series will not only become a classic, but also influence the dialogue in the game of apex hero.

Tom casiello, the chief playwright of “apex hero”, said that the upcoming cartoon will become a classic. Jesse stern, the chief playwright of “Titan falls” series, is responsible for writing the comic script. The comic content will affect the character dialogue in the game, and will describe in detail the events related to individual characters in “apex hero”.

The introduction of derivative comics by

According to IGN, the cartoon, entitled “apex Hero: overtime”, has four issues. The first issue will be released in print and digital on June 2, 2021.

The introduction of derivative comics by

Overtime tells the story of how 16 playable characters in apex hero come together for a common goal. They united to save a city from mad scientists, cruel assassins and syndicates.