“The legend of Xie Yun” may be launched in ps5 this year

"The legend of Xie Yunliu" is a stand-alone game created by Xishanju, which explores the story behind Xie Yunliu based on the world view of Jiansan. This work adopts the new Dx11 engine independently developed by Xishanju, uses the day and night cycle and weather effect of jianwang3, and uses the rendering technology of panoramic lighting.

Guo Weiwei, a former producer, said that “the legend of Xie Yun in swordsman’s love” has been developed for many years and is a 3A masterpiece. Recently, Jianwang 3 Chen Jie hinted on his micro blog that this work will be launched within this year.

Some netizens hope to play “Xie Yunzhuan” before the age of 30. Chen Jie replied: “29 this year?” , suggesting that the game may be launched within this year. In addition, he also said that the length of the main line of the game is no more than 30 hours, “now there are few single line also do so long.”. Some people ask whether the game will land on the ps5 platform? Chen Jie gave a positive answer.

At present, Xishanju hasn’t announced the official release date of “swordsman love Xie Yunchuan”. Let’s wait for the official news!