The mining boom will last until the second half of 2021

Recently, the driving force of bitcoin and Ethereum's soaring prices has weakened, and the miners' enthusiasm for mining has been somewhat affected. The current issue of RTX 3060 Ti graphics cards has been extended to seven months.

However, the decline in enthusiasm does not mean the collapse of the mine. Although game players are looking forward to the miners’ enthusiasm fading and making the graphics card market return to normal, it is not the time yet. In the first half of this year, graphics cards and popular laptops will continue to be out of stock, so it is still hard to buy them.

The mining boom will last until the second half of 2021

What about the second half of 2021? Now it’s too early to judge the turning point in the second half of the year, because even if the mine card fever subsides, the second half of the year is often the traditional peak season for electronic products. The shortage of semiconductor chip production capacity is not easy to solve this year, and I’m afraid the graphics card and notebook computer are not optimistic.

In short, under the current situation, it is impossible for the game card market to return to normal, and it is also impossible for AMD, NVIDIA and other companies to block the miners.

Previously, CFO Colette Kress of NVIDIA made it clear that they have no ability to track the end use of graphics cards. In other words, NVIDIA can only sell cards. When consumers buy graphics cards, they can’t or can’t manage whether to play games or mine.