The new issue of night City Xinsheng announced the prospect of version 1.2 of cyberpunk 2077

Cdpr recently released a new issue of "night city new voice", which introduces the update content that will appear in the 1.2 version of cyberpunk 2077.

① Is NCPD rapid response team too fast?

The new issue of night City Xinsheng announced the prospect of version 1.2 of cyberpunk 2077

This is an important step to solve the problem of AI logic in the game. It should be able to reduce the problems caused by NPCs behind the players, and create an atmosphere in which the police need to take a period of time to arrive at the scene after receiving a crime report. We have also joined in the investigation of “UAV” units, giving people a sense that the police are evaluating the scene. ” ——Patrick, director of game designers and vukash, technical design coordinator

② Vehicle accident data remains high

After analyzing the feedback results of the driving model, we find that many players have problems in steering speed. Most of the feedback comes from the players who play games with the keyboard on the PC, or who are more likely to encounter frame count problems, and the feedback focuses on the fact that the vehicle is always easy to hit the sidewalk.

Now, a slider for steering sensitivity has been added to the options menu. It can slow down the steering speed of all vehicles and all input devices without affecting the maximum turning radius.

When the frame rate is low, the vehicle becomes difficult to handle. We trace that some of the code does not properly handle extreme changes in frame rate. Now the steering speed will be highly consistent between 20 and 60 frames per second.

Finally, we have made a lot of adjustments to the vehicles one by one, dealing with the problem that some of the vehicles, including the player’s sky Hera, are too stuck at low frame rate. ” ——Seamus, senior vehicle Engineer

③ Rock for the express driver

Sometimes the vehicle breaks down in the night city and gets stuck in the pile of goods. Now we’ve added a “get out of trouble” function, which will take effect when players step on the gas but the car doesn’t move. Now when you press accelerate, you can swing back and forth or rotate left and right ——Seamus, senior vehicle Engineer

④ Update the neural processor driver, or you have to die

Double click the move key to dodge, which can be turned off in the control settings. Players can still double-click the operation key: “crouch (switch)” (the default is the C key) to dodge. In this way, binding the WASD button to move is more convenient. There are still some key binding issues that need to be addressed, and they will be fixed in the next version update. ” ——Voichech, Tool Programmer

Cyberpunk 2077 version 1.2 preview video