The next generation double version of Marvel Avengers performs better than the xsx version

Finally, schweill Knicks released a next generation version patch for the manway Avengers alliance. Unfortunately, the work has not been fully played on ps5 platform.

In video analysis released by elanalistadebits, we saw a comparison between the two generations. The patch was just released yesterday, so there is room for subsequent optimization. Now, it seems that the ps5 and Xbox of this work

The next generation double version of Marvel Avengers performs better than the xsx version

In addition to the light tracing function of the big book, the series X has limited other improvements brought by the upgrade.

Ps5 and Xbox series

The biggest difference between X versions is the dynamic resolution of performance mode. Ps5 version has better frame rate, but the resolution scaling is too exaggerated, and it can reach 1080p at least, and stays at 1440p daily. And in Xbox series

In the aspect of X version, it has 50 advantages in maintaining 60fps mode and dynamic resolution.

·Each of the two hosts has two display modes: 4k30fps (1440p for Xbox series s) and optimized settings or 60fps mode with variable 4K resolution (Xbox series

S is 1080p).

·4k30fps has slight optimizations in reflection, material, particles, drawing distance, and shadows.

·In 4k30fps mode, all versions will have a small drop in resolution, but most of the time, the target resolution can be maintained, especially on Xbox series X hosts.

·In FPS mode, the resolution of ps5 version changes between 3840×2160 and 2560×1440 in the minutes of the game. However, after boarding kungfu to perform tasks in open and complex space, the daily resolution becomes dynamic 1920×2160. Xbox here

Series X version is dynamic 3840×1836. Xbox series X is obviously dominant here.

·Xbox series X maintains a higher drawing distance in FPS mode.

·Ps5 has a little faster reading time, and the frame rate in both modes tends to be stable, and the ps5 frame rate is more stable.